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Joví River Chontadura Waterfall


Head up the Joví River in a dugout canoe, exploring the rainforest and swimming in jungle pools with the community-based tourism enterprise “Asociación de Guiás Pichindé”. These local guides depart from the small Afro-Colombian community of Joví on a trip into the heart of the Chocó rainforest.

The tour departs in chingo, a dugout canoe, heading upstream on the meandering Río Joví. Depending upon the time of year, the river may be high or low, but it is never more than a couple of feet deep. Your guide and marinero will bring you upriver with long poles which they use to push the canoe against the current like a gondola. As you head deeper into the rainforest, the dense vegetation starts to crowd over the river. In places, branches overhang the wide river completely, forming long, green tunnels. It is a magical landscape.

After about an hour, you will arrive at a small tributary that flows into the river. From here, you can take a short hike to a small waterfall called Chontadura. The waterfall forms a natural pool in the rainforest that you can plunge into for a swim. More adventurous travelers may want to scramble up the waterfall and continue their hike another hour or so to the more impressive Antaral waterfall, which offers a larger swimming hole and impressive views downstream.

After your swim, you hike back to the chingo for your return trip to Joví.

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