Inns/Posadas in Chocó

Posada de Carmen


Located in the center of the community of Jurubirá, Posada Carmen provides a unique community experience for travelers hoping to spend time with a real Chocoano family. The posada is a small house, where the owner, Carmen Mosqueda Cordoba, lives with her daughter. The home is small and on one floor. It is dominated by a dining room which occupies most of the first floor, which is a pleasant place to enjoy a meal or watch television. At the back of the home is a large kitchen. It is worth a visit just for a blended fruit smoothie, which Carmen serves up chilled to guests.

At the front of the posada is a small storefront, where Carmen sells women’s clothes and t-shirts.


The posada has one bedroom available for guests. It is small but cozy offering a full size bed by the window and bunk beds.


Three meals are included in the price.


  • Private room
  • Electric Fan
  • Satellite TV
  • Electricity (6:00pm - 10:00pm)
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