Inns/Posadas in Chocó

La Doña Lucre


This quaint little posada is located in the center of the small community of Coquí. It is a simple but charming single floor wooden building with one bedroom and one private bathroom. The posada has a small front porch with a table and couple of chairs, perfect for relaxing in the afternoon to the distant sounds of community life.

The posada is small, but guests can get the place to themselves, which makes it unique in this part of Chocó. The posada is located in the middle of town, so expect some foot traffic during the day. There is no kitchen or dining room in the building, but guests can eat at either of the two restaurants in town that serve hot meals every day.


One bedroom with two double beds and private bathroom with shower.


Not included. Coquí has two popular eateries, one at each end of the main street. Both are one-minute walk away from La Doña Lucre.


  • Private accommodations
  • Private Bathroom
  • Electricity (6:00pm until 10:00pm)
  • Mosquito Nets
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