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Cabaña Mar y Río

cabana-mar-rio.jpgLocated on the northernmost section of Guchalito Beach, where the Guachalito River flows into the ocean, la Cabaña Mar y Río is one of the more affordable hotel options in the region. It offers two rooms in a two-story, wooden, beachside house, as well as a private cabin set apart from the main building. Unlike most other cabins in the region, the private cabin is made of cinderblock and ceramic tiles rather than wood and thatch.

The main building has a second-floor balcony overlooking the beach, with hammocks for relaxing during the evening. The first floor has a large bedroom as well as common sitting and dining area. The private cabin has a queen size bed and a pull-out couch, as well as a private bathroom. The cabin has a large, sliding glass door with impressive ocean views.

Cabaña Mar y Río is run by the friendly Chocoaño couple Diego Gonzales Valdez and his wife Dilis Damarles Sales Moreno. Diego’s family owns many of the popular hotels in the region. They can outfit guests with snorkeling equipment, arrange tours to local communities, or organize hikes through the surrounding jungle.


Two bedrooms with two double beds and shared bathrooms in the main building. One additional cabin with a double bed and room for 1-2 more on a pull-out couch. Cabin has private bathroom. A second cabin is under construction, but lacks the views of the original.


  • Private cabin
  • Private bathroom
  • Limited electricity
  • Fans
  • Mosquito Nets
  • Meals
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