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Joví River Antaral Waterfall


This Chocó day tour starts out like the Joví Riveral Chontadura Tour, with a slow, relaxing canoe ride up the Joví River. The river makes its way through dense Chocó forest, where you are likely to see many birds wading in the river or perched in the branches overhead.

In some places along the river, the vegetation on the riverbanks extends over the entire river, forming wide, green tunnels. Keep an eye open for birds and monkeys in the treetops.

After about an hour, you will arrive at a footpath that follows a shallow stream through the forest. You scramble over the Chontadura waterfall in a couple of moments and continue up the path for another half hour or so. Along the way, your guide may point out brightly colored frogs on the riverbanks.

After a half hour hike, you arrive at the Antaral waterfall, where you can climb scramble up the rock face and plunge into the deep pool at the foot of the waterfall.

When you’ve cooled off in the river and had a chance to rest, your guide will lead you back down the path to your waiting canoe and paddle you back to the Afro Colombian community of Joví.

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