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Coquí Mangroves Day Tour

mangroves tours are popular examples of ecotourism

Explore some of Colombia’s best preserved mangroves with a day tour from the Jóvenes Ecoguiás de Coquí. One of the best examples of ecotourism in Chocó, the mangroves of Coquí offer excellent opportunities to spot wildlife in three distinct ecosystems, each home to dozens of species of birds, insects, fish and other animals.

This Chocó day tour begins in the small fishing village of Coquí, where you learn about the local flora and fauna of the region, in a small classroom maintained by the community guides. You then board a traditional dugout canoe called a chingo, and set off into the mangroves.

Mangroves are a fragile, marine ecosystem, common to tropical coastlines. Mangrove forests, sometimes called mangrove swamps, are made of dense, shrubby vegetation, which provide important habitat for local wildlife. During low tide, the tangled, extensive root networks of the mangroves are exposed.

The Coquí Mangrove Day Tour lasts about an hour. Tours can be arranged through many of the local hotels, or at the office of the Jóvenes Ecoguiás de Coquí in Coquí.

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