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Posada Palo de Agua

posada-palo-agua.jpgA 15-minute walk down the beach from Coquí, the charming posada Palo de Agua is one of the most secluded and quiet places to stay in Chocó. The posada is tucked away among palm trees in the jungle outside of town. At high tide, the waves lap at the beach just meters from the posada.

The place is well tended by its doting owner, Fausto Moreno Monilla, who often accompanies travelers to his beachside cabin. Although rustic, the place has a bohemian aesthetic, painted in bright blue and orange, with hand-painted murals illuminated by candles.

The posada does not have electricity. Spend the evening enjoying a candlelit dinner, stargazing and chatting with the charming and personable Fausto. Travelers will want to bring a flashlight for the walk along the beach from Coquí to the posada.

Palo de Agua is a large wooden cabin with a thatched roof located a few hundred meters outside the small community of Coquí. There are two bedrooms with private bathrooms in the main cabin. Each room has a double bed and a set of bunk beds. Both private bathrooms have outdoor showers. There is a large dining and common area with hammocks overlooking the beach.
Fausto is currently building two additional private cabins which, when completed, will provide private accommodations for up to four people apiece. The cabins will be traditional wooden cabañas with thatch roofs and attached bathrooms.

Three meals are included in the price.

• Private rooms
• Private bathrooms
• Hammocks

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