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Hotel Ecológico La Joviseña

hotel-jovisenaHotel Ecológico La Joviseña is a charming small hotel meters off Guachalito Beach, in the Nuqui region of Chocó, Colombia. The hotel consists of a few small, thatched cabins lining a long, shaded garden full of birds, butterflies, and flowering plants. There is an open-air kitchen and dining room on site, where you can enjoy three meals a day to the pleasant sound of waves crashing on the nearby beach.

La Joviseña has a large garden with fresh papaya, mango, star fruit, lemons and bananas available right from the tree. Pineapples, peppers and berry bushes flower around the property. Small birds flitter around the garden, pecking at ripe fruit at feeders outside the cabins.

The hotel is located right on Guachalito Beach. Snorkeling equipment is available. The sea outside Joviseña has small patches of bright coral, and tropical fish are easy to spot. Down the beach a few hundred meters are some of the best surfing breaks in Chocó. La Joviseña is owned by a local couple, Elizabeth and Benjamin González. The pair lives nearby.


The little resort of La Joviseña consists of four simple, but well made cabins with a total capacity for 16 to 20 people. Each cabin is made of local wood, with a thatched roof and a wide porch with hammocks. The cabins are located along the side of a long garden, meters from the beach. In addition, there is one two-floor cabin for larger groups. Each floor has a double bed and three single beds.


  • Private rooms
  • Limited electricity
  • Fans
  • Mosquito Nets
  • Cell phone service
  • Telephone
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