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La Cabaña de Beto y Marta

cabana-beto-maria.jpgLa Cabañas de Beto y Marta features four simple, comfortable cabins set around a beautiful garden on the beach of Guachalito. Each of the cabins has its own private bathroom with running water. The whole place has power 24 hours thanks to a number of solar panels around the property. At the center of the garden is the couple’s outdoor kitchen, complete with gas-powered refrigerator. Nearby, there is an open-air dining room with views of the beach (and a refreshing sea breeze).

The garden at Las Cabañas de Beto y Marta is alive with butterflies and tropical birds, which dart around between the tall palm trees scattered around the garden. The garden is planted with dozens of types of fruits and vegetables, which means that meals here are always fresh, healthy and organic.

Las Cabañas de Beto y Marta is one of the most charming, homey places to stay in Chocó, thanks in part to the attentive service of Beto and Marta themselves. The husband-wife team own and tend to the hotel. Although they are from Antioquia, don’t call Beto and Marta “paísas” (people from the Medellín region). They have been living and working in Chocó for decades and are widely regarded as honorary Chocoaños by now.

Las Cabañas de Beto y Marta is small and quiet. Depending upon the time of year, you may have the place to yourself. It is ideal for travelers trying to get away from crowds and disconnect on the beach for a few days.


There are four private cabins at Las Cabañas de Beto y Marta. Each has one or two queen-sized bed, so each is perfect for a couple or small family. Each cabin has its own bathroom and porch. The owners, Beto and Marta, live in a small, two-story house on a corner of the property.


  • Private rooms
  • 24-hour electricity
  • Fans
  • Mosquito Nets
  • Cell phone service
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