Five Things to Do in Chocó Colombia

Chocó Colombia

Travelers looking for things to do in Colombia should plan on adding Chocó to their itinerary! The region around Nuqui Colombia, located in Colombia's Pacific department Chocó, offers a variety of amazing activities.  Nature enthusiasts, sports addicts and  people who prefer to relax on white sand beaches are sure to find something they'll love in Chocó!

So, what is there to do in Chocó?

1. Go hiking in pristine rain forest

Hiking is the best way to discover the entire natural beauty of Chocó Colombia. Around Nuqui you can find more than a dozen different trails with of varying difficulty, from a literal walk in the park, to tough jungle treks. Observing birds, poisonous frogs and monkeys and equipped with rubber boots, travelers can reach picturesque waterfalls, breathtaking views, and remote beaches. 


 2. Relax in Natural Hot Springs

The department of Chocó Colombia is mainly covered by the western Andes mountains, which was formed by volcanoes thousands of years ago. Although there is no seismic activity anymore, close to the Pacific Coast there are still some hot springs (or termales, as they are called in Spanish) gurgling up from the jungle. Local communities have build walls around some of these springs, so travelers can relax in the healthy waters and benefit from medicinal properties of this mineral-rich waters. 


Hot spring in Chocó Colombia

3. Go Surfing

Honolulu Bay, Malibu, Bay of Biscay: There are many popular surf sport worldwide. Nuqui offers some of the best surfing in Colombia, a country that is becoming increasingly obsessed with surfing. The tides at Cabo Corrientes and Guachalito are great surf sports for beginners as for experienced surfers. Travlers will find surfboards for rent up and down the beaches of Chocó, and most local hotels can set you up with a local instructor for a couple hours of instruction.

beach in chocó colombia

4. Visit Utría National Park

The Utria National Natural Park (PNN Utria) is a spectacular biodiversity hotspot and no trip to Chocó is complete without a visit to Utría. This protected area close to Nuqui offers travelers a unique nature experience, thanks to its high diversity of flora and fauna. Visitors can hike the Utria National Natural Park and discover dense rain forest, mangrove habits and white sand beaches. All of them are home to hundreds of endemic bird species, reptiles and mammals like anteaters, ocelots and monkeys. Travelers can arrange day tours of the park, or stay overnight in beachside cabins located inside the park. A weekend at Utría National Park is truely one of the most rewarding, undiscovered things to do in Colombia.

Utría National Park, Chocó Colombia

5. Go Whalewatching

Chocó is famous for its whales! The Pacific Coast is one of the best places to spot whales- not just in Colombia but in the world! Every year between July and October, the department of Chocó is home to hundreds of humpback whales, which arrive in the waters off Utría National Park to give birth and raise their young. When humpback whales arrive from cold arctic waters, travelers easily can observe these impressive animals from the shore or in small boats. Whalewatching in Chocó is a spectacular nature experience! 


looking for whales in Chocó


The Chocó Community Tourism Alliance offers these and many more activites as day tours or multiday trips.  Contact us to book your trip or for more information on what to do in Chocó!

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