Nuquí Colombia: An undiscovered tourist attraction


Colombia is a new rising star on tourism in Latin America. After many years of internal conflict, the country now is a safe travel destination with tons of beautiful places to discover. One of them is the small fishermen´s town of Nuqui, located in the western department of Choco on the beaches of the Pacific Ocean.

The region of Nuqui tempts travelers with different lonely beaches, stunning pristine rainforest and friendly locals that are very proud that after may years of isolation, people from all over the world choose their beautiful hometown Nuqui as a destiantion to relax and recharge energy.

Beside lonely beaches that can be found along the coastline, Nuqui offers different kind of activities, that make this town a worthy tourist attraction in Colombia.

Best activities in Nuqui Colombia

1. Go Whalewatching!

The Pacific Coast is one of the best places to spot whales- not just in Colombia but in the world! Every year between July and October, the ocean is home to humpback whales, giving birth to their whale babies. A spectacular experience, as you can see in this video

2. Surfing in Nuqui

Nuqui offers some of the best surfing in Colombia. The tides offer high variety: For beginners AND for experienced surfers.

3. Take a jungle hike to hidden waterfalls

Pristine rainforest of Choco begins directly behind the beach. Guided by a local, you will find beautiful hidden waterfalls that invite for a swim after you saw wild animals as monkeys and colorful poison frogs while walking under the impressive trees of the rainforest. Learn more!


Lodging: Hotels and Eco-lodges in Nuqui Colombia

The different Eco-Lodges in Nuqui are located directly on the beach and are a great opportunity to disconnect from every-day-routine. With a lot of dedication, locals have built charming places to stay and enjoy a day in a hammock or even a dinner accompanied only by an impressive sunset and the sound of the waves.

We recommend four eco-lodges in Nuqui that are run by local community members, so that your stay at one of the most pleasant places in Colombia will benefit the people of Nuqui directly.

Cabaña Mar y Ríocabana-mar-rio.jpg

Located on Guchalito Beach, where a river flows into the ocean, Eco-Lodge Mar y Río is one of the best hotel options in the region. Learn more

Cabaña Morromicocabana-morromico.jpg

Cabaña Morromico  is located on an isolated bay about 30 minutes north of Nuquí. This charming hotel is a great opportunity for travelers to enjoy the stunning landscape and clear seas of Nuqui with no one else around. Read more!

Eco-Hotel La Joviseñahotel-jovisena.JPG

This charming Eco-Lodge only a few meters off Guachalito Beach has a large garden with fresh tropic fruits as papaya, mango, star fruit, lemons and bananas available right from the tree. Small birds flitter around, pecking at ripe fruit at feeders outside the rustic but charming cabins. Learn more

La Cabaña de Beto y Marta Hotel Nuqui

The Cabañas de Beto y Marta count with four simple but comfy cabins set around a beautiful garden on the beach of Guachalito. Learn more!

How to get to Nuqui

The easiest way to get to Nuqui is taking an airplane which start several times a week from the city of Medellin. Different airlines as Satena ( and ADA ( operate this flights in small Cesna-airplanes. Prices vary according to month of traveling (high season / low season). If people travel in a bigger group, it may be worth to ask for a charter-flight. Contact us for more information! 

Interested in traveling to a magical region where the junge hits the Pacific Ocean? Have a look at our Tour Packages and book your trip to Nuqui Choco now!

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