An undiscovered paradise: Capurgana

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Did you know that there is an almost undiscovered beach-paradise. And the travler who wants to find the small fishermen´s village of Capurgana on a map has to search some minutes, because Capurgana is tucked away in the far north-east corner of Colombia near the border with Panama. Sandwiched between the jungles of Darien (where the famous Panamerican-highway is interrupted) and the Caribbean Sea, the idyllic Capurgana has only about 900 inhabitants.

It is accessible only by boat or small aircraft. Therefore, visitors can expect a unique and authentic Caribbean setting with numerous beaches and a charming promenade.

Surrounded by the omnipresent salsa music, you can enjoy fresh seafood all day long, as the fishermen use to spend almost all the day on the sea to bring fish and shellfish and sell it to tourist and restaurants.

Beside bathing, relaxing and dining visitors of Capurgana can also undertake many excursions. For example, a lovely walk over a small hill takes you to the the even smaller village of Sapzurro. From here, it is only a stone´s throw to the Panamanian border. So do not forget your passport and get another country - stamp as a souvenir of your journey.

Besides the local population, Capurgana is also home to numerous dropouts and hippies. They have settled around the village, because they prefer to leave behind the stress of everyday life in the big city and to relax while listening to the sound of the waves. They have build up some very interesting houses which are made exclusively from the material provided by nature of the region. Having a fresh juice with them, it is easy to understand why these people prefer Capurgana to a hectic city.


There’s only one way how to get there

Take a bus to the town of Turbo. From Medellin a bus lasts aprox 10 hours. The vehicles start frequently from “Terminal del Norte” (Metro-Station: Caribe) and are operated by  different bus-companies like Sotrauraba, Gomez Hernandez, Uroccidente

Get off the bus at the mooring (ask the bus driver), where you will find a motor-boat, leaving in the morning hours between 8 – 9am. Crosing the Golf of Uraba fom Turbo to Capurgana takes aprox. 2 ½ hours.

It is recommended to take the bus from Medellin in the evening hours, so you will arrive in Turbo in the morning. 

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