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ChocQuibTown is the best-known export product of Colombia's Pacific province of Chocó. In their music, the band ChocQuibTown whose members were born in the province ́s capital Quibdó combine hip-hop beats and lyrics with the rhythms of the Pacific region as cumbia, reggae and funk-music.

The band itself describes their style in an interview as follows:

„We represent a sound that combines, alternative latin and urban styles combining them with traditional music to hip hop, salsa and other popular Colombian music. There are several sounds that are what we are representing. We are an urban, alternative Latin band.“

The three-headed band, consisting of Carlos "Tostao" Valncia, Gloria "Goyo" Martinez and Miguel "Slow" Martinez have conquered not only the Colombian music market by storm since its foundation in 2000. Also at the Grammy Awards they have been successful. For their album "Oro" (Gold) they were nominated in 2011 in the category "Best Latin Rock, Alternative or Urban Album" and in the same year they won the Latin Grammy Award for the Best Alternative Song: "De donde vengo yo "(Where I come from).

This song is a very typical ChocQuibTown song: It is about the province of Chocó, his mostly Afro-Colombian residents, the political and social problems of the region but at the same time about joy and pride in their own culture. A further very popular song ChoquibTown wrote goes in a similar direction: "Somos Pacifico" (We are the Pacific) is an ode to the Pacific region of Colombia. An absolute smash hit in the Colombia every teenagers knows and which leads to cheerings on every dance floor when its first rythms come out of the speakers.

And the success of ChocQuibTown, whose name is composed of "Chocó" and "Quibdó" (the capital city of the province of Chocó) does not seem to come to an end in 2014. After they were involved some years ago in contributing to the official song of Copa America (“Creo en America” - I believe in America), they soon will become famous for fans of console games, too. The game producer EA Sports recently decided that the song "Uh la la" should be included in the soundtrack of the soccer computer game Fifa 15.

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