Everybody´s mother: Doña Cruz and her restaurant


In her restaurant in Coqui, a small community south of Nuquí Choco, Doña Cruz cooks in the only restaurant of the place. But the friendly lady is much more than just a good cook ...

Shrimp, fried fish, ceviche (raw fish), plantains and rice - these are the key ingredients of a typical plate on the Colombian Pacific coast. Every day, Doña Cruz in her little restaurant "Sazón Coquí" (Couqís´ flavour) prepares local specialties for her guests, flavored with the herbs she grows behind the house in her own little garden: peppers, tomatoes, onions and many herbs can be found here. Everything organic, of course.

Every persons who vits Nuqui Choco necessarily passes by Doña Cruz restaurant at least one time where the visitors can taste one of her freshly cooked lunches. But Dona Cruz is more than an ordinary cook.

For many visitors, who spend some days traveling or working in Nuqui Choco, she is also a bit like a surrogate mother. She likes to get involved with a chat and helps visitors if they need any help, tips or advices. She is the heart and soul of the village.

Furthermore, the wooden tables in front of the door of her restaurants are at the same time office, place for a meeting or just for a chat with the neighbors: About the sea, the beauty of nature, guests from all over the world and the latest village gossip. At Doña Cruz´ restaurant, you quickly feel at home.

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