Members of Chocó Tourism Alliance: Mr Fausto


They are the soul of the Choco Community Tourism Alliance: The people of Nuqui Choco organized in 4 Tourism-Communities which as guides or hosts will show the incredible beauty of their home region and will make your trip to Nuqui Choco an unforgettable experience.

Today we would like to introduce Mr. Fausto Moreno. Mr Moreno lives in the small community of Coquí and is considered to be a leader by the people living in this tiny coastal town, located a 30 minutes ride from the region ́s capital Nuquí by boat.


Mr Moreno at his age of 45 is proud owner of a small Posada named „Palo de Agua“ considered to be one of the most secluded and quiet places to stay in Chocó. Located directly on the beach where Mr. Moreno is roud to have built this accomodation by his own hands. His guests will find a rustic place but with a bohemian aesthetic, painted in bright blue and orange, with hand-painted murals illuminated by candles. Located right beside the Pacific Ocean, the waves will accompany you 24 hours.

Furthermore, the low-budget accomodation is tucked away among palm trees in the jungle outside of town. At high tide, the waves lap at the beach just meters from the posada.


Mr Moeno himself lives in the small community of Coqui with his family. Born and raised in Nuqui Choco, as a guide through the Mangrove forests he is also an expert in the local Flora and Fauna and will tell you a lot about the Community ́s way of live in in harmony with their environment.

The Chocó Community Tourism Alliance offers these and many more activites as day tours or multiday trips.  Contact us to book your trip or for more information on what to do in Chocó!

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