5 best nature activities in Nuqui Choco Colombia


Relaxing on the beach, reading a good book enjoying to eat some fresh mangos while the sound of the waves accompanies you. All this is not really a problem on the beaches of Nuqui Choco.

Nevertheless, for peple who love to discover the nature around them and become bored after two days of hanging around on the beach, Nuquí Choco has a lot more to offer. Here is our hitlist of the five best nature activities:

1. Explore the rainforest

Heading up the the Jovi River in a small "chingo" (dug-out canoe) with a local guide pushing you forward with long poles, it may feel like a jungle-version of enjoying a canoe-ride in Venecia, Italy.

Getting deeper into the rainforest, the vegetation starts to become more dense, forming long green jungle-tunnels. What a magic landscape!

After an hour more or less and a short hike, you arrive the Chontaduro waterfall, which invites you to swim in its natural pool. Enjoy it!

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Duration: 2 – 3 hours

jovi chontadura


2. Immerse into Mangrove Swamps

Mangroves are very typical for coastlines in tropical areas. Their dense, shrubby vegetation are home to many animals as bids and fishes. It the tide is low, the mangroves show their huge root networks. Really impressive! Observe one of the best preserved mangrove forest in Colombia and contribute to its protection. More details

Duration: 3 hours

coqui manglar


3. Watch whales breaching out of the water (July to October)

Every year between July and October, locals and tourists become a witness to a stunning nature spectacle, when the humpback whales pass close to the coastline. Hiring a boat, you will be able to take some stunning pictures og these impressive animals while they jump out of the water (so-called breaching).

Duration: Min 1 hour

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4. Relax in natural hot springs

The natural hot springs (spanish: termales) are a great opportunity to enjoy a warm and healthy bath in the middle of the jungle. Especially, when you decide to do a hike to the „Waterfall of the Four Charms“ (spanish: cascada de cuatro encantos), so named for the four steps that the waterfall takes as it cascades down the mountain and located a one hour hike away from the hot springs. Take it easy and enjoy some cold drinks served by the restaurant near the hot springs.

Duration: 2 – 3 hours

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5. Surfing in Nuqui

With its different beaches and bays, th region of Nuqui Choco is still a mostly undiscovered but incredible surf – spot. For beginners and experts it offers different levels if dificulty and the surf-spots never become over-crowded. Lessons and rental service is available in different parts of theregion.

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