Surfing in Nuqui


The beaches and bays around the coastal town of Nuqui at the Colombian Pacific in the department of Choco are little known but a spectacular surf spot. Experienced surfers as well as beginners will be satisfied, because the numerous beaches around Nuqui offer great variety and different levels of difficulty: from flat beaches with gentle waves for surfing for beginners to beaches with waves up to six meters in height.

Compared to other surf - meccas like the beaches of the Bay of Biscay, Hawaii, or the Maldives - Nuqui is still an insider's tip for surfers. Beside a large variety of different beaches and bays, the number of surfers in Nuqui and the surrounding beaches is relatively small.

Thus, beginners and experienced surfers can hardly disturb each other and can easily improve their surfing skills or look for the next wave without any haste. Especially for surfers who do not count with extense surf – experiences, theses circumstances are very convenient.

surf - lessons and rental - services

For those who still consider themselves as surf novices, there are numerous ways to learn surfing in Nuqui and get some surfing classes. Some locals have spent much of their life on the waves of the Pacific and love to pass on their knowledge as intructors to beginners. But even experienced surfers can learn a lot from the local surf aces, because they always have a good tip where to find the best waves depending on climate or season of the year.


Some hotels and surf schools also offer surfboards and equipment for rent. Here you can also get a Stand–Up Paddle and boogie-boards. Those wishing to bring their own surfboard, should previously contact the tour operator or the airline which will fly them into Nuqui, because the planes are small and space for luggage is limited, so bringing a surfboard may be charged extra.

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