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Travelers planning on going to Chocó be aware that the region does not have all the amenities they would find elsewhere in the country. Below are some frequently asked questions about Chocó:

Is mobile phone or internet signal available?
Mobile phone and internet signal in Nuquí is relatively poor. Only the Colombian mobile operator "Claro" provides an intermittent service. The solution: disconnect yourselves for a few days and enjoy the beauty of Chocó.

Can I charge my electronic devices?
Yes. When you visit Chocó, a 110 V is used and the sockets are American-style (with two flat pins). Adapters are available in any small town. However, power-supply is not available everywhere and not always for 24 hours. This is part of the natural charm of the region.

How is the weather in Choco?
The climate is one of the best things about Chocó! Chocó is tropical and warm with high humidity. Bear in mind that the Chocó region is one of the wettest in the world, so prepare for a rain-shower once in a while, and bring a raincoat!

What clothes should I bring?
Long sleeved, lightweight cotton clothing that covers the body, combined with insect repellent, can help deter mosquitos. Swimwear is also recommended as is a raincoat and a hat that protects you from the sun. Bring sufficient clothing for your trip as high humidity makes drying clothes difficult. For convenience, pack everything in a small rucksack.

What medicine should I bring?
A well-stocked medicine kit is recommended. It should include: insect repellent, disinfectant, painkillers, a drug for diarrhea and stomach problems, broad spectrum antibiotics and sunscreen. At the very least, a small first aid kit (plasters, iodine, etc.) should be part of your equipment. If you need to take specific medication, please bring sufficient with you as one drawback about Chocó is the relative lack of well stocked medical facilities.

Is there an ATM where I can withdraw cash?
No, there is no ATM in many regions of Chocó. Please bring enough cash for your stay. Most hotels in Chocó provide a safe where you can leave valuables.

What kind of food is available?
Fish and seafood is a staple on the Pacific coast of Chocó. Sea bream, shrimp and a huge amount of different sea food is accompanied with rice, plantain and cassava. A variety of herbs and spices are also part of the "cocina chocoana", as are coconut and beans. All about Chocó, food is fresh, simply prepared and delicious and a highlight of any stay. For special dietary requirements or allergies, please contact us in advance.

How to move around Nuquí and its surroundings?
Most hotels and posadas offer their customers transport by boat or canoe, to move safely by sea and river. Some destinations can be reached by a simple, but spectacular, walk along the beach!.

What are the sea conditions like?
The Pacific is called "the silent ocean", but tidal ranges differ significantly along different beaches. So, surfers will get their money’s worth, just as inexperienced swimmers will. But take care, especially in the evening, as the tide can be very strong.

What are the conditions for surfing?
Surfers talking about Chocó refer to Nuquí as an “insider secret” for surfing! Numerous beaches and bays offer a wide variety of surfing conditions. Surfboards are locally available, as are stand up paddle boards and other equipment. Surfing classes are offered.

When can I go whale watching?
Whale season is from July to November. Nature lovers travel together with an experienced whale watching guide by motorboat or on a stand up paddle board.

Which activities are available?
In Nuquí visitors can choose from numerous nature and sporting activities:
Scuba diving along the rocky and coral reefs and seamounts is a spectacular experience, as is surfing off the region´s more isolated beaches. Snorkeling and stand-up-paddling are also available. Equipment can be rented.

Nature lovers take a canoe tour through the mangrove forests, hike with an experienced guide through the rainforest to hidden beaches or observe wildlife in Utría National Park. From July to November, humpback whales can also be seen.

For those who are looking to relax, numerous beaches, hot springs and fantastic jungle rivers and waterfalls await you.

What vaccinations and medications are needed?
Travelers are advised to take malaria pills and count with vaccinations against yellow fever, typhoid, tetanus and Hepatitis B. If you need prescription medication, please take sufficient of it with you. There is a small health center, but a well-equipped medical kit is normally sufficient.

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