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What Is Community Based Tourism

The Chocó Community Tourism Alliance (Alianza de Turismo Comunitario del Chocó) was formed by and for the benefit of four community based tourism enterprises in the area around Nuquí Colombia. The four community based tourism enterprises that make up the Alliance are: the Community Corporation of Los Termales, the Guides Association of Pichindé, the Young Peoples Ecological Guides of Coquí, and the Association of Playa Blanca.

Community based tourism is an example of sustainable tourism that generates lasting social, economic, and environmental benefits. Community based tourism is economically viable in the long-term and maintains the physical and cultural integrity, the biological diversity, and environmental quality of the regions in which it is practiced.

Community based tourism is an example of sustainable tourism that focuses on the positive interaction of tourism with the local community, which:

  • Recognizes, supports, and promotes community ownership of tourism;
  • Involves community members from the start;
  • Promotes community pride;
  • Improves the quality of life;
  • Ensures environmental sustainability;
  • Preserves the unique character and culture of local areas;
  • Fosters cross-cultural learning;
  • Respects cultural differences and human dignity;
  • Distributes benefits fairly among community members; and
  • Contributes a fixed percentage of income to community or environmental projects.

The Chocó Community Tourism Alliance adheres to the strictest principles of sustainable tourism. Booking your Chocó tour through this website will generate income for the people of these four communities and contribute towards their development and the conservation of their natural environment. You will not only have a great experience visiting the communities, but you can also feel good about the positive impact you’re making! 

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